We are passionate about it! Our enthusiasm for music accompanies each of us his life. Influences of different genres and a wide  make our stylemusic understanding unique. Whether electro, tech house and techno, we are open to all in the field of electronic music and would like to make new elements incorporated with.

dj eric morceau

At the beginning of the early nineties when I visited the Love Parade by chance, I was under the spell of electronic music!

I started on small parties hang up until the first major gigs arrived ! Early 98' I hang up as a resident in the Lemon Club in Wiesloch-Rauenberg!

There were dj gigs in the Normal Club in Heidelberg, the Lemon Club (Wiesloch-Rauenberg) at Nature One 98, the Airport (Würzburg), the Love Parade and the interlocking Berlin in 2000, etc...

But somehow I wanted to produce this sound by myself and it turned out that I met my former fellow musician "Fossie"! He produced electronic music and persuaded me to a project!

The project "THE EITCH" was created, which became known pretty quickly in the middle of the 90´s in the club scene of Heidelberg and Mannheim. However, this cooperation ended after a certain time!

K.H.S. and I met each other again and again to hang up together as DJ's! Since we have played as residents in the same club and we also have otherwise never lost sight, we decided after a long time of friendship to start a joint project!

We started our project “Raum+Zeit” together in 2012 which reflectsour special and personal taste and our interest indifferent genres of music.



I was influenced by the follwing musicians: Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Alter Ego, Moby, Kraftwerk, Underworld, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and of course many others...



dj k.h.s.

Even as a child I came in contact with electronic music by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Christian Bruhn (Captain Future Soundtrack)!

Since my first club visits in the early nineties, I am fascinated with electronic music! These new sounds and music haven’t been anywhere in the charts and I got interested and fascinated!

I've taught myself the craft of DJ's! It took a little while until I got a resident job at Lemon Club (Wiesloch-Rauenberg).

On 97/04/25 there was the first party according to the motto "Vernon 's the Wonderland" with Frank Kühne (today better known as DJ and producer "Francesco Diaz" - Ministry of Sound, Wormland... ) As one of the last highlights we were presented with our club in a separate bunker section in 1998 at Nature One!

This was followed bya lot of appearances in other clubs, radios and events! Incidentally I was employed as a freelancer in 1998/99 for the Subculture Rhein-Neckar-Magazin.

I already knew Eric Morceau before our common DJ activities! Our pathshave crossed again and again for years and the love to musichas arised long-standing friendship!

Now in 2012 we have decided to launch the project Raum+Zeit in order to create an own platform on which we operate various musical genres of electronic music! Of course our personal taste is reflected with the project Raum+Zeit!

I played in the club with: Sven Väth, Frank Lorber, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, George Morel, John Aquaviva, Timewriter, Marc Spoon, Talla, Paul van Dyk, DJ Dag, Westbam and many more...


I was influenced by the follwing musicians: Derrick May, Todd Terry, Armando, Sneak, Underworld, George Morel, Armand van Helden, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Paul van Dyk and of course many others.....




Audiofetish-Music is like - (K.H.S.-RMX) Minimal People Inc. (Leeds UK)

E-verformung - Playground - (K.H.S.-RMX) Notsignal Records (Germany)

E-verformung - Sommernachtstraum - (K.H.S.-RMX) Notsignal Records (Germany)


First own Release:


K.H.S. - Border Crosser - Notsignal Records (Germany)

E-verformung - Border Crosser Remix - Notsignal Records (Germany)