charts august 2017

1.    Inner Line (Orginal Mix)

       By Giorgia Angiuli


2.    Man With The Red Face (Orginal Club Mix)

       By Mark Knight, Funkagenda


3.    Makarona (Orginal Mix)

       By Tomy DeClerque


4.    Cola (Orginal Mix)

       By CamelPhat, Elderbrook


5.    How Do You Say (Orginal Mix)

       By Joe Red


6.    Kanuma (Orginal Mix) 

       By Comuno


7.    Pussy Pop (Orginal Mix)

       By Justin Jay, Josh Taylor


8.    Dreamcatcher (Orginal Mix)

       By Khen


9.    Mc Gregone (Orginal Mix)

       By Mori


10.  Oxy (Orginal Mix)

       By Monkey Safari

charts july 2017

1.    Odyssee 2 (Orginal Mix)

       By Len Faki


2.    Chair In Orbit (Orginal Mix)

       By Stelios Vassiloudis, Nils Nuernberg


3.    The Punch (Rauschhaus Remix)

       By Boss Axis


4.    Sparks of Life (Orginal Mix)

       By Marceo Plex


5.    Tacos (Orginal Mix)

       By Fhaken, Wayne Madiedo


6.    Amore (Solee Remix) 

       By Jos & Eli, Sean Doron, Jenia Tarsol


7.    Terra Veteris (Dub Mix)

       By RPO, Manu Riga


8.    Silver Town (Ellroy Remix)

       By David Herrero


9.    On The Corner (Orginal Mix)

       By Solardo


10.  Hidden Garden (Orginal Mix)

       By Giorgia Angiuli

charts june 2017

1.    Compel  (Orginal Mix)

       By DEF Mike, Marco Riemann


2.    Knocking Echos (Orginal Mix)

       By Kaiserdisco & Karotte


3.    Boomsound (Orginal Mix)

       By Freiraum Sued


4.    After The Storm (Orginal Mix)

       By Loco & Jam


5.    After The Storm (Oliver Deutschmann Extraction)

       By Loco & Jam


6.    Barriers And Builds (Orginal Mix) 

       By Inkfish


7.    Route 77 (Orginal Mix)

       By The Organism


8.    Apple Knocker (Orginal Mix)

       By Block & Crown


9.    E100 (Orginal Mix)

       By Emmanuel


10.  On-Off (Inhale-Exhale)

       By Thomas Schumacher

charts may 2017

1.    My Game  (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit


2.    Shake (Orginal Mix)

       By Xuko


3.    Raver  Crystals (Kastis Torrau Remix)

       By Ron Flatter


4.    Abscence of Light (Orginal Mix)

       By Darko De Jan, Jean B


5.    The Terminal  (Orginal Mix)

       By Eelke Kleijn


6.    Ascension feat. Vince Staples (Orginal Mix) 

       By Gorillaz, Vince Staples


7.    Circadian Rhythm (Orginal Mix)

       By Tallmen 785


8.    The First Time (Orginal Mix)

       By Botan


9.    Underground (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit


10.  Jima (Solee Remix)

       By Ryan Davis

charts april 2017

1.    The Sparks  (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit


2.    Over The Clouds (Orginal Mix)

       By Giorgia Angiuli


3.    Nofalia (Orginal Mix)

       By Ron Flatter


4.    Blackbird (Orginal Mix)

       By Joeski


5.    Wir Wollen Tanzen  (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit


6.    Oscillations (Orginal Mix) 

       By Yotto


7.    Phat Dripping (Orginal Mix)

       By Gorge


8.    Rubicon (Extended Mix)

       By Eelke Kleijn


9.    Roller (Orginal Mix)

       By Tennan


10.  Into The Light (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit

charts march 2017

1.    Wir Wollen Tanzen  (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit


2.    Nightland (Orginal Mix)

       By Brussels Pony Club


3.    German Winter (Orginal Mix)

       By Andhim


4.    528Hz (Orginal Mix)

       By Rampa


5.    Blackrays Feat Hendrik Burkhard (Orginal Mix)

       By Noir & Olivier Giacomotto


6.    The Nature of Human (Orginal Mix) 

       By Mladen Mande


7.    Paranoid (Raum+Zeit's In Treatment Mix)

       By Giorgio Adamo & Claudio Polizzotto


8.    The Temptress (Orginal Mix)

       By Tim Penner


9.    Alway On Mind (Orginal Mix)

       By Serge Devant


10.  Italo (Orginal Mix)

       By Ten Walls

charts february 2017

1.    Wir Wollen Tanzen  (Orginal Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit


2.    Paranoid (Raum+Zeit's In Treatment Mix)

       By Giorgio Adamo & Claudio Polizzotto


3.    Home (Extended Mix)

       By Eelke Kleijn


4.    The Nature Of Human (Orginal Mix)

       By Mladen Mande


5.    Wir Wollen Tanzen  (Freiram Sued Remix)

       By Raum+Zeit


6.    Secret Sun (Orginal Mix) 

       By Paul Ursin


7.    Helter Skelter (Orginal Mix)

       By Nick Curly


8.    German Winter (Orginal Mix)

       By Adhim


9.    Raise Your Glass (Coyu & Bastian Bux Remix)

       By Florian Kruse, Hendrik Burkhard & TheGround


10.  Wir Wollen Tanzen (Domshe's 8Bit Mix)

       By Raum+Zeit

charts january 2017

1.    Always On My Mind  (Orginal Mix)

       By Serge Devant


2.    Shakti Pan (Orginal Mix)

       By Kellerkind & Sven


3.    Italo (Orginal Mix)

       By Ten Walls


4.    Lights Down, Pt.2 (Orginal Mix)

       By Quivver


5.    Let Go (Orginal Mix)

       By deadmau5 & Gabbitz


6.    Higher Sense (Orginal Mix) 

       By FictiOne, Nixxon


7.    Army Of One (Orginal Mix)

       By CJ Jeff


8.    Hey (Orginal Mix)

       By Sascha Braemer


9.    Astralis (Orginal Mix)

       By Moonwalk


10.  Aine (Orginal Mix)

       By D-Formation